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Edsenses Online Application

For Student or Job Opportunity application please fill in the form below. Please select the appropriate selection before you filling the information. You can choose either for Course Application or Job Application.

Please be notified that for Course Application - student need to submit his/her personal information plus parents or guardian income information. When you filling in the form you will be required to create an account here. Please create a login in name based on your actual name so it would be easier for us to track you submission.

For Job Application - After submitting the form the Applicant would need to email us his/her Cover Letter, Resume, Show Reel, and Listing Sheet to Prior in filling this application is to inform us in expecting your email. Without filling the form below all email will be filtered as junkmail and will be deleted.

All interested are encourage to apply.


Application Form

Job Application Form



Applicant Information



For Artist application you are REQUIRED to submit your showreel link, if you do not have one please apply and account with or


Applicant Ability

Please assess your ability in the following areas. Select maximum 5 of the best in each Major, no minimum required.

1: Novice to 5: Expert (Leave as 0 if you have no experience)




Technical / Engineering



Facility Operations






Software Experience

Please select years of experience (Leave as 0 if you have no experience)


3D Product

2d Product

Online Product

Editing Product

MS Product






Professional Experience


Academic Background







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