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Contact Us

Edsenses Creative Consultancy Co., Ltd

Building No. 5,
8 Li Dao,
Yu Jing Yuan Er Qu,
Tong Zhou District,
Beijing 100024,
People Republic of China

Office Tel: +86 010-80575769


Contact Information


Managing Director:

Types of Inquiry

  • Business related matters
  • Investment related matters
  • Cooperation related matters

    Creative Director:

    Types of Inquiry

  • Production related matters
  • Types of Production Inquiry

    Business Development/Sales:

    Types of Inquiry

  • Production costing/ quotes
  • Marketing resources matters


    Training Center:

    Human Resources:

    Types of Inquiry

  • Career related matters
  • Internship application
  • Job application
  • Student application

    Customer Service:

    Types of Inquiry

  • Production complaints
  • Training facilities complaints and suggestion

    Accounting Department:

    Types of Inquiry

  • Cost revision and payment related matters





    Still need more details?

    Production related Question

    What do you offer in your Production facilities?

    We have wide range of services. Our services include:

  • Visual Effects for film and television
  • Animation Production
  • Compositing and color correction facilities
  • Film Editing
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Concept Development
  • Matte Painting Facilities
  • Motion Tracking
  • Garbage Matte and Rotoscoping

    How much does the production cost?

    For Production costing please email your script or storyboard to or for quotes. If you can meet us it will be the best, we could come up with a treatment for your propose script. Please call us to make an arrange meeting.


    Can I have a copy of your reel, as I might have a job for you?

    Sorry, we cannot distribute our reel to clients as we have sign agreement with our client that the reel are for preview purposes and not to be distributed. But if you would like to view you could go to our reel section or contact us we will come to you for an arrange meeting. We assure you that you will not be dissappointed.


    I have a tight production deadline do you think you can produce it, as we have limited amount of budget?

    It will have to be depending on the project and our negotiation. We are not necessary to be high in production budget, as we are quite experience in this field. There are ways that we can go about it to get the production done in the shortest and limited budget there is, but then again you have to listen to our advice before shoot or production begin.


    Student related Question

    How do I apply for the course?

    Please refer to the application webpage, and fill in the necessary requirement.


    How much is the cost for each course?

    We will be happy to reply your question on the course that you are interested in, please contact us via email and we will arrange a meeting with you and your parents or guidance. We will give you more information when we meet.


    How do I know your course is the best for me?

    Our course is created by the professional in the field of digital film making. They are constantly up to date based upon the project requirement. We are well prepared to guide the student as the people who will teach and guide the students are working professional themselves. Selected students will also get the opportunity to work on actual production work for their final projects, and their names will be credited for the work they took part. You can check on our previous student work which we try our best to be assured that the student could gets the best results.


    I read or heard that Edsenses have production too. Can I join the production once I've done with the course?

    Most probably Yes, but it will still be depending on the students capabilities and determination in their course work. Only serious and dedicated student will be allowed to join the team.


    I really like to learn CG but I have financial problem, could Edsenses help?

    In Edsenses we always believe in passion. And if you have the proof that you have the passion and determination to learn CG, we are willing to help. Please refer to our financial webpage. There are more information about it.


    When I graduated from Edsenses do I have a guarantee job?

    We would like to assure you that you have a guarentee job but we can't. As in all education, there is no guarantee that you will get a job. But if you proof to us that you really have the capabilities during the course we will gladly introduce you to our collaborators around the world. Which means you might have the opportunity to work locally in China or oversea in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, USA and etc. or you can work with us if there is an opening position.


    Job related Question

    When I submit my job application, how do I know if you have received it?

    We will send you a reply once we receive your full application (cover letter, resume, show reel, listing sheet - on the work you have done in the reel), but if its a incomplete application we will not reply. Please do resend your full application again if you do not receive a reply email from us within a week.


    How long do I have to wait for your official reply?

    We constantly receiving job application every day, it will take us some time to process the information. Usually it will take us 4 to 5 week to process and to get back to you.


    What is your minimum requirement? And do I have to have experience?

    Experiences are not necessary, but it would be helpful in our decision making. We are strongly encouraging people with some knowledge and passion in film making to apply.


    What do I have to submit for application?

    The basic of submission are a Cover Letter, Resume, Show reel, Listing Sheet - on the work you have done in the reel. For more requirements please refer to the job application webpage. For current job opening positon please refer to Production Job Opening or Educational Job Opening webpage.




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