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Financial Aid

In Edsenses we also provide financial aid to those whom are talented and whom have the passion in their choosen career.

As our motto is to assure that the industry will be flourised with talent and fulfilled the dreams of each candidate to become a success in their well chosen career. Each and every year we will provide opportunity to student whom are passionate but incapable in paying the tuition fees, to study of their career choice. Also they will be given not only the opportunity to study but also to join our fast growing studio in Visual Effect for Film and Televison. Even so not all candidate who receive scholarship are able to join our studio, as the studio will only select the utmost capable student as intership before they could be confirm as a full time employee. After confirmation they will be given full benefit of the company including extra bonuses and company sponsor trips.

Basically chosing us as a start of your career is a well prepare for your future path and a bright opportunity awaits you.



Details of Family Contribution

Option of Family Contribution

The following options are available to cover your cost of attendance balance (after financial aid is applied, if applicable). You can pay in several ways:

  • Family savings or current income. (Pay the Edsenses Cashier's Office directly)

  • With the Edsenses Payment Plan, which enables students to establish a line of credit for tuition, fees, university housing and other student expenses. The plan is billed accordingly to the chosen course. There is a processing fee of 40RMB for late payment

  • With the Edsenses Pre-payment Plan for selected candidate which allows you to prepay up to end of the course for full-time tuition and mandatory fees for students who have been admitted to the university.

  • With loans for all or part of this amount. We recommend that student and parents to apply for loans to cover the entire academic year.

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Details of Financial Aid

Edsenses ScholarShip

Edsenses administers more than a dozen prestigious scholarship programs, ranging in value from a few thousands dollars up to full tuition with limited terms and condition. Unlike loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid. They are awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, service, and talent.

Scholarship and Financial AID

Scholarships will generally change the composition of your financial aid award—in most cases, reducing your student loans or Federal Work-Study. For specific information about your award, contact the Financial Aid Office. You must apply for admission by before the end of submission to each course to be considered for Edsenses merit scholarships.

Award Criteria

Award recipients must be enrolled full-time at Edsenses and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Recipients of our scholarships often exceed the minimum criteria. Please note that meeting the application requirements and minimum criteria does not imply that you will receive a scholarship.


If an interview is required, you will be contacted. Selection for an interview, however, does not automatically lead to a scholarship award or admission to Edsenses. Only admitted applicants are eligible to accept a scholarship.

How Your Eligibility is Determine

Edsenses bases financial aid decisions on the basis of the availability of funds, company policies, and state and federal regulations. We are required by law to consider all your resources when determining your eligibility. Therefore, any scholarships you receive will change the composition of your financial aid award.

Departmental Awards

If you receive an award from your academic department, we will revise your Statement of Financial Aid Eligibility and notify you via e-mail.

Awarded Scholarship Not Listed in Your Statement

Send us a copy of your award notification so that we can adjust your financial aid award accordingly.

Receiving Your Fund

Grants and scholarships will be automatically credited to your university billing account before the first day of each semester.



Details of New Student Applying for Financial Aid

At Edsenses, for students that is applying for financial Aid they are required to submit certain forms for application to be process. Such submission would be:

  • Profile Application Form
    • Complete the Personal Application online form. This, along with your Financial Aid information, will help determine your eligibility for Edsenses student aid funds.
    • Use your best estimates of applicant parent and student income.
    • Be sure to include your identification number.
  • Student and Parent Federal Income Tax Returns or Non-Filing Statement Forms
    • Submit a Student and/or Parent Non-Filing Statement Form.


If your parents . . .

  • Are married and filed separately: Submit information for both tax returns.
  • Are divorced or separated: Provide information from your custodial parent's federal tax return of the year of application. If your parents filed jointly for the year of application, submit information from that return. If your custodial parent has remarried, submit information for him/her and your stepparent.
  • Are not legally required to file a federal income tax return for the year of application: Submit a completed Parent Non-Filing Statement Form of the year of application.
  • Do not live in the China and do not file a People of Republic of China tax return: Submit a Parent Non-Filing Statement Form of the year of application and attach translated documentation of their income, such as a foreign tax return, employer statement, etc. Convert all amounts to Chinese Reminbi.


As Soon As Possible, If Applicable:

  • Custodial Parent Form - Submit the of the year of application of Custodial Parent Form, with appropriate documentation, to the Financial Aid Office.
    • Completing this form is required only if your custodial parent is currently single, divorced, separated, remarried, or was never married.
    • Edsenses does not require the CSS Non-Custodial Parent Form.
    • Edsenses will determine an expected contribution for the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent, and the stepparent, as appropriate.
  • Special Circumstances
    • If your family has special circumstances you would like us to consider such as job loss, salary decrease or illness, please submit a detailed letter and supporting documentation.
  • Business Owners
    • Parents who are business owners must also submit a copy of their business tax documents to the Financial Aid Office. Submit a copy of your tax return statement, if applicable, and a copy of the corporate tax return or partnership tax return, for each business.

Important Notes:

  • Submit any additional documents requested by the Financial Aid Office within 15 days of application.
  • Documents submitted to the Edsenses Financial Aid Office become the property of the School and cannot be returned to the student or duplicated for any purpose.


MY Financial Aid

Log in and use our secure online system to:

  1. Submit Document
      • Upload electronic documents - the quickest, most efficient way to submit materials to our office.
      • Print customized cover and closing sheets to fax documents.
  2. Check your financial aid status
  3. View your financial aid award or other awards if you are not a financial aid applicant
  • Award information for the academic year will become available as follows:
    • New undergraduates of each semester.
    • Continuing undergraduates to professional level.
    • Graduate students: On a rolling basis.


Dates and Deadlines

Students are encouraged to meet all published deadlines to ensure they receive their funds by the tuition payment deadline each semester. Estimated disbursement dates for various types of financial aid are included in each section.

New Undergraduate Students Applying For Aid

February 1st of each Semester Year
Submit Online Personal application form. If you miss this deadline, apply as soon as possible after this date.

March 1st of each Semester Year
Submit your federal parent and student tax returns to the Financial Aid Office. If you miss this deadline, submit your tax returns as soon as possible after this date.

April 1st of each Semester Year
To ensure financial aid for summer enrollment, apply for loans at least 6 weeks before the start of your earliest summer class.

June 1st of each Semester Year
Apply for your Government Education Loan and/or Bank Loan.

Forms to be filled:

  • Programs of study
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress/ Top Ranking Working portfolio
  • Award receive for best achievement
  • Income and Expenses Declaration forms
  • Optional Loan
  • Edsenses Terms and agreement Contract


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