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Work with us

In Edsenses are constantly looking for talented people to join us. We hope that we could recruit people not just with talent but also treat the team as part of the family, and to have fun while working. In our company all of the people are passionate aout their work as each and individual have the opportunity to shine and to advance his or her career.

If you are interested in working with us, please apply for a position by filling out the on-line application form and send us a links to your on-line reels or send us images or showreel attachments by email but please do not send files that is larger than 12mb, as we may not be able to respond to your email.

We do endeavour to get back to every candidate applying via the on-line application form. If we do not have a suitable vacancy posted on our website right now, please feel free to fill out a speculative application so that we can store your personal information. Recruitment invariably changes, so check back to the website to see updated vacancies.

For any recruitment related enquiries please e-mail



Showreel Requirements

Reel Guidelines

We only want to see the work that you're truly proud of. Ideally, the reel shouldn't be much longer 2 minutes for graduates and 3 minutes for experienced professionals (although this is only a guideline) and your best work should be at the start of the DVD. If you are a recent graduate, make sure that you put a snappy montage of your best bits of work on there, please don't just send in your final year project.

Where possible, add in breakdowns and passes for your shots - ie. If you are a Modeller, add the topology to your render and if you have a compositing showreel, show roto mattes and before and after breakdowns so that we can see how you work. It can also be helpful in 3D to show your UV layouts, and also displacement maps as well.

Don't spend too much time editing your reel to music - we watch most reels on mute as we're only interested in the images!

We do watch every showreel that comes in but it can take a while to get back to everyone so please bear with us. Due to the high volume of applications received each day, we are not able to return any submitted materials, apologies.

Shortlist Guidelines for Job Application

  • Cover letter stated the position you applied for and brief explanation about yourself.

  • A full Resume or CV about yourself and your accomplishent.

  • Please send only Materials that are approved for release. Traditional work, such as life drawings and concept art, can be included as long as they're applicable to the job you're applying for.

  • Reels should be on a DVD and be formatted to play easily. Portfolios should be submitted in a package that is well seal and does not need to be returned.

  • Reels should be no longer than 3 minutes long and include the work, starting with most recent, that best showcases your skills.

  • Please include a breakdown list explaining what you did on your Reel and describe the software you used to achieve the effects.

  • Please note that music is not necessary but it can make a Reel play better.

  • Note** All Cover Letter, Resume, CV, Reels and Materials have to be applicable upon the position you applied for only, if its not applicable to the position you applied, it will not be reviewed even it is good.




Submission can be submitted by online form, post, email and fax.

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